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Art Kills Coronavirus

#ArtKillsCoronavirus | 19.03.2020


‘Art Kills Coronavirus’

it started with a Fake News that the artist Mathieu Merlet Briand spontaneously created in response to COVID-19 in order to promote Art during the period of confinement.

On our screens, we watch and experience the art world being on pause. All museums, Art Centers and Galleries are currently closed, all artistic events are canceled. It is particularly during these uncertain times that we need your support.

This unprecedented situation has seen, on all networks, the art world engaging in numerous initiatives to pursue its activities by generating new 'digital experiences' : online exhibitions, virtual tours, viewing rooms, ... In the 1990s, the Internet became an artistic medium in its own right for Net.Art artists. Today, more than ever, this medium reaches another dimension as it becomes, for the first time in history, the main vector for disseminating Art.

Help the Art World — Spread the NEWS !




To support the Art World during the current situation and spread the message, this 'Good News', you are invited to participate in this project on Instagram by either:

SPREAD : Simply re-post (post / story) these images.

CURATE* : Make a selection of images, artworks, ... relevant for this project.

CREATE* : Make your own photo-montage, artwork, meme, ... using the phrase 'Art Kills Coronavirus' or something relevant for this project.

*Post / Send me your pictures and I will post / re-post it on @ArtKillsCoronavirus with your @name.

Contact on DM @ArtKillsCoronavirus
by email hello@ mathieumerletbriand .com

In each of your Post / Story related to this project use #ArtKillsCoronavirus hastag
tag @ArtKillsCoronavirus. 

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