Mathieu Merlet Briand

OECD Global Anti-Corruption & Integrity Forum

Exhibition with Parsons Paris AMT

Led by Mathieu Merlet Briand & Filipe Pais
Coordination Bridget O’Rourke

Spring 2019

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

2 Rue André Pascal, 75016 Paris


In Spring 2019, Art, Media and Technology sophomores at Parsons Paris had the unique chance to create a large-scale installation for the 2019 OECD Global Anti-Corruption and Integrity Forum, a meeting where policy-makers and industry leaders will discuss the risks and opportunities technology brings in the fight against corruption. Led by instructors Mathieu Merlet Briand and Filipe Pais, students developed projects in line with the theme #techfortrust. All concepts and prototypes were displayed in a print book at the conference, and the project "Carded" by Kathryn Frey and Ieva Lygnugaryte was selected to be installed at full scale.


16 Passage Piver
75011, Paris, France.

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