Mathieu Merlet Briand

What about 2222?

Group show curated by Andy Rankin
21 Jan. - 8 Fev. 2018
FDP, 73 rue Philippe de Girard, Paris 18.

“The poet of the present time makes the history of the future.”

Eli Faure.

An improvised laboratory as a film set which sketches a study of our vaguest dreams. “What about 2222” is an exhibition in which you are the hero. Sit yourself comfortably in the recording studio. You will be asked a series of three random questions. You are invited to respond freely, as many times as you wish. This sequence will be safeguarded, protected until 2222, the date on which these sequences will be made public, when the future will regard the present.
We too have the right to dream. Our ancestors want to imagine for us a tomorrow less radiant than their own. Perhaps we simply do not share the same wishes. The life they have dreamt up matters little to us; we will have many of our own. More lives, loves and planets.
The world and its certainties vacillate because we are in the full tilt of revolution. Networks allow us to exchange, share and love. Culture and knowledge, and democracy trailing in their wake, are accessible to all. Through perseverance the quest for truth is invalidating obscurantism. The future, with its infinite capacity of potential, promises us a world where all will be possible.
However, the future carries a flood of desires and apprehension. The works brought together in the heart of this environment crystallise in a strange kind of laboratory the look with which today regards tomorrow. This laboratory is devoted to a colourful future, acidic and hypnotic, in which research finds itself somewhere between spatial conquest and the quest for immortality.

Text by Andy Rankin, curator.

Exhibition with :
Samuel Aligand, Rémi Amiot, Laetitia Bech, César Bardoux, Jessica Boubetra, Jeanne Briand, Chloé Dugit-Gros, Raphaël Emine & Julie Buffard, Matthieu Haberard, Maxence Hamard, Enzo Mianes, Mathieu Merlet-Briand, Celia Nkala, Margot Pietri, Andrés Ramirez, Lauren Tortil, Romain Vicari.

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Exhibited work : 
In an infinite fall of #water we surf,9 canvas micro-perforated print, with fixing system, 2m80 x 1m each canvas, unique pieces, 2017.


31 Rue Victor Hugo 
93170 Bagnolet



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