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solo show 
12 Oct. 2017 - 17 Jan. 2018

Playground For All
The place of digital creations and interactions by All Contents.

29 rue de Saint-Petersbourg, Paris 8.

The iceberg is a metaphor for describing Internet and a symbol of global warming.
The #iceberg exhibition is a romantic experience, a vision on our contemporary reality.

The exhibition is composed of two immersive installations. A first one with a whole new series of sculptures and videos with light work and sound. And a second in augmented reality with Hololens.

“Sculptures of algorithms of digital materials. An installation to give shape to our memory, the flows that make up our daily environment.” 

— Olivier Dureau, All Contents.

Room 1
Exhibited work :

#ICEBERG 1 to 6, 
plexiglass printed thermoformed, 2017.

#ICEBERG video,
30 min, loop, HD, 2017. 
Sound design with Bon Enfant Production.

Room 2 
Exhibited work : 
hololens experience, 2017. Developed with Realtime Art and Oh.Ah.

All Contents
Art Primera 

Realtime Art
Bon Enfant Production


31 Rue Victor Hugo 
93170 Bagnolet



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